About the Artist

Jane Slade is a trained designer and self-taught artist from Woodstock, New York. After spending periods of time in Montréal, New Delhi, and New York City, she is now based in Cambridge, Massachusetts. She utilizes mixed media in jewelry and light art to express ideas of joy, compassion, and hope within the human condition.

Throughout her life, Jane Slade has always found peace within the creative process and the flow state it creates. No life is without challenges, and yet portals of creativity can be used to create transcendence through difficult times. Having come through past traumatic experiences, these portals of creativity and expression gave the ability to recreate any moment, by bringing gravity and wholeness into the present. 

Creative portals open the flow state of expression, allowing a new energy to flow, and express. Through creativity and expression, old pattens of thought can be transmuted and healed. The very navigation of the arc of the creative process is an end unto itself, full of an infinity of fascination and pleasure, from the thrill of exploration, to giving the final piece to someone and lifting their spirits. The act of making is therefore a sustainable practice of joy.

Anatomy of Light is the culmination of many dreams: to take the idea of making art and releasing it into the world, but adding into this process an intentional act of kindness by tying each piece to a specific cause, and imbuing the artwork with a deeper meaning and an act of loving-kindness in the world.